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1: Google Won’t Pay for News Links Under New French Law

First off today, Kelvin Chan at the Associated Press reports that Google has announced it will not pay French news agencies for including snippets in Google News Search queries and, instead, the agencies will either have to agree to allow the use without fee or simply not have snippets shown.

The announcement comes in response to a new EU law that, among other things, requires search engines to obtain a license for using small portions of text when featuring news content in search engines. News agencies sought this protection as a means of compelling Google, as well as other providers, to pay news agencies for the use of their content. France became the first nation to adopt the new directive and now Google has sent its ultimatum to French news publishers.

According to Google, paying for the use of snippets would “skew the options we might provide” and “ultimately undermine the trust users have” in their search products. As such, they are saying they will not pay and that publishers that do not give willing access will have their snippets removed and will only get a headline and a link. The change will take effect in October.

2: Illegal Manga Site Operator Arrested in Japan After Deportation From PH

Next up today, Kyodo News reports that Japanese police have arrested Romi Hoshino for his alleged role in operating the now-defunct illegal manga website Manga-Mura.

The arrest comes after Hoshino was deported from the Philippines, where he went in May 2018 after he was first questioned by Japanese police about the site. Hoshino claims that he went out of country due to a business opportunity, not to flee, but the Japanese authorities feel otherwise, noting that he’s been on regular flights to other countries but not back to Japan.

Hoshino said that he will make decisions about whether or not to admit to the allegations after he speaks with a lawyer. He previously denied involvement in operating the site.

3: Bandai Sues AtGames Over Ms. Pac-Man Mini Arcade Cabinet

Finally today, Haydn Taylor at Gamesindustry.biz reports that Bandai Namco Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against developer AtGames for alleged copyright infringement of the Ms. Pacman character.

According to the lawsuit, the two companies have a working relationship together with AtGames having a license to use some of Bandai’s characters in developing handheld games. However, Bandai claims that it never gave them permission to use the Ms. Pacman character.

Despite that, Bandai alleges that AtGames made an arcade cabinet featuring the character and sold it to retailers, all the while claiming it was licensed. Bandai is seeking an injunction to prevent further sales of the cabinet and anything else AtGames is selling bearing Ms. Pacman.

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