3 Count: Lost Myself

I'm guessing Keith Urban didn't do as well in focus groups...

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1: Hacker Leaks Episodes From Netflix Show and Threatens Other Networks

First off today, Nicole Perlroth and Matthew Haag at the New York Times reports that a hacker has posted several unreleased episodes of the Netflix series Orange is the New Black onto piracy websites after they claim that the studio failed to meet their demands.

The breach allegedly occurred at a post production comany named Larson Studios. The hacker, who uses the name “thedarkoverlord” claims to have stolen unreleased content from ABC, Fox, National Geographic and IFC. According to the hacker, Netflix had agreed to pay to prevent the rerelease of the episodes but mist a deadline for a Bitcoin transfer.

The name thedarkoverlord has been connected with a string of other attacks including medical charities and corporations. In those attacks he has either wiped data and demanded money to restore it or attempted to sell the data online. The FBI is investigating the case.

2: Eminem Sues New Zealand Political Party Over ‘Lose Yourself’ Copyright

Next up today, the Associated Press reports that Detroit-based rapper Eminem has filed a lawsuit against the National Party in New Zealand over the party’s alleged use of his song Lose Yourself as part of a 2014 campaign ad.

According to the lawsuit, the party used the song in an ad for the party itself. Previously, the party had said that it bought the ad from an Australian-based middleeman and that they had not infringed copyright in any way.

Eminem, however, disagrees saying that he would have never licensed the song for a political campaign and that the decision to use the song was not a whim. Instead, he claims it performed well in focus groups, prompting the party to use it even though they did not have a license. The case is being tried with only a judge and is expected to last about six months.

3: “Special 301” Blacklist Remains Largely Unchanged, Save for Trumped Up Tone

Finally today, The Fashion Law reports that the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has released its annual “Special 301” report, the first for the Trump administration. The report, which singles out countries the USTR claims is not doing enough to protect intellectual property, remains largely unchanged from last year.

The Priority Watch List in this year’s report is unchanged from the 2016 list. These are the countries that the USTR sees as most significant and is looking at possible sanctions or other actions.

While the list stayed the same, the report did highlight what it sees as progress in Pakistan and Spain while singling out Canada for what it feels is inadequate border enforcement when it comes to infringing work.



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