3 Count: Prince-ly Battle

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1: ‘Charging Bull’ Sculptor Accuses NYC of Violating His Rights

First off today, the Associated Press reports that sculptor Arturo Di Modica is challenging New York City over its decision to allow a statue, named Fearless Girl, to be installed permanently in front of his creation, the iconic Wall Street bull.

The Fearless Girl statute first appeared on March 7 and quickly became a hit among tourists and locals who took the statue as a statement about the treatment of women in the finance industry. However, now Di Modica, the sculptor of the original Charging Bull is claiming that allowing it is a violation of his rights, saying it violates his copyright by altering the meaning and intent of his piece.

No lawsuit has been filed in this case and Di Modica is scheduled to discuss this more at a press conference today.

2: Warhol Foundation Fires First Shot in Legal Battle Over Prince-Themed Artworks

Next up today, Eileen Kinsella at Artnet News reports that the Warhol Foundation, the estate that manages the copyrights of Andy Warhol’s work, has filed a preemptive lawsuit against photographer Lynn Goldsmith over artwork featuring the image of the late musician Prince.

According to the lawsuit, Goldsmith has made repeated claims that works in Warhol’s Prince series are based upon her images and infringe her copyright. The Warhol foundation does not dispute that Warhol used the images, but claims that his works are “transformative or are otherwise protected fair use.”

It also claims that Goldsmith waited too long to bring about her claim, saying that she should have been aware of the use of her photographs in 1984, when Warhol’s work was featured in Vanity Fair magazine.

3: Kim Dotcom Goes to US Supreme Court to Fight His ‘Fugitive’ Status

Finally today, Chris Cooke at Complete Music Update reports that Kim Dotcom has filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to try and overturn his “fugitive” status and regain access to at least some of his assets.

Dotcom was arrested in January 2012 at his home in New Zealand over his role in operating the file sharing site Megaupload. Since then he has been battling extradition to the United States and also to have his seized assets released. However, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld a lower court ruling that says Kim Dotcom is a fugitive due to his fight over extradition and was not entitled to access to his funds.

The Supreme Court may not choose to take the case and let the appeals court ruling stand. If that happens (or the court takes the case and rules against Dotcom) it would leave him without a means to access his seized assets until he comes to the United States.


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