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1: Russia Blocks Dailymotion Over Copyright Infringement

First off today, the AFP reports that a Russian court has ordered the blocking of the popular video site Dailymotion over alleged copyright infringement of Russian reality TV shows.

The demand was by Piatnitsa, a channel that specializes in reality TV, which wanted the site blocked because users had uploaded clips of their most popular shows. According to Russian media, the court actually granted the block on December 2 but Dailymotion was given an opportunity to appeal the ruling, however, no such appeal was filed within the time allowed.

Dailymotion, on the other hand, claims that they did not receive any contact about the ban or the case and are currently working with authorities to resolve the issue.

2: Canadian Stock Exchange Blocked Megaupload 2.0 Plans

Next up today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that Kim Dotcom had his plans for Megaupload 2.0 pushed back by due to objections by the Canadian Securities Exchange, which had objections to the way the enterprise was to be funded.

Dotcom had hoped to make an announcement on January 20, which would be the five-year anniversary of when the original Megaupload was pulled offline by a joint police action from U.S. and New Zealand authorities. However, his plan to fund the sequel through a merger with a publicly-traded Canadian company hit a snag when the Canadian government expressed strong concerns over a draft of the merger document.

The concerns likely stem from Dotcom’s ongoing criminal investigation, which includes a bid by the U.S. to have him extradited from his home in New Zealand. That case is ongoing and Dotcom’s considerable assets remain frozen, other than for his living and legal expenses.

3: Colin Craig Applies to Appeal Poem Copyright Lawsuit Decision

Finally today, Kelly Dennett at Stuff reports that, in New Zealand, former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has filed his intent to appeal a judge’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit he filed against a blogger that published a poem he wrote for his former secretary.

The blogger, Cameron Slater, published the poem on his blog last year. It was originally part of an 11-page letter that Craig sent to his then-secretary and was romantic in intent. The court ruled that the publication of the poem was covered under fair dealing and, further, that the lawsuit had ulterior motives.

Craig is now appealing that dismissal. The case is only a small part of the legal battle between the two as there is also an ongoing defamation battle, one which Slater has seen success and Craig is also appealing.


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