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In May of last year, I launched a Patreon campaign for Plagiarism Today and, ideince then, the site has been supported by a very dedicated group of readers and friends who have helped out with the site more than they realize.

However, when I launched the new theme for Plagiarism Today earlier this year, I temporarily dropped the Patreon badge in the sidebar (though I left it at the post footer).

I wanted to take some time to rethink my Patreon campaign and reintroduce it to be more approachable. Over the past week, I’ve tried to do just that.

I realized that I made some mistakes with the first run at it. Some of the rewards were simply unrealistic and the entire campaign was just too complicated. So, I’ve re-vamped the profile and introduced a very simple set of rewards that hopefully connect better.

First, there are only three reward tiers and nothing above $10. Those tiers are:

  1. $1 – All patrons gain access to the Patron-only feed that will include weekly mini-posts highlighting interesting plagairism and content misuse stories I find on the Internet. Some may appear later on the 3 Count, but you’ll read them first on Patreon. This level also includes a mention on the Supporters Page.
  2. $5 – In addition to the weekly mini-posts, this tier gives you access to a monthly patron-exclusive post on Patreon. This will be more akin to the posts here on Plagiarism Today though the formatting will change due to the limitations of Patreon.
  3. $10 – In addition to everything above, at this level supporters will be listed as the sponsor of one post on Plagiarism Today where they will be given a (unfollowed) link. Each post will have up to three sponsors but I expect each post to either be unsponsored or have just one initially.

So please, check out the revamped Plagiarism Today Patreon and, if you feel that the site has made a positive contribution to you, your school or your work, please consider making a small monthly contribution.

I want to say thank you for my current supporters on Patreon as well as my clients at CopyByte, both of whom have combined to make this a dream full time job. While my goal is to make this site more financially independent so I can spend more time on it, without your support, I would not have been able to do all that I have already.

Thank you for all that you have done.

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