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1: Deadmau5 Sues Over Remixes and Mashups

First off today, Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire reports that musician Joel Zimmerman, best known as Deadmau5, has filed a lawsuit against his former label claiming millions in damages over remixes and mashups of his older tracks.

The issue centers around Play Records, a record label that Zimmerman signed with in 2006 but broke ties with shortly thereafter. However, as part of the separation Play Records received control over several of Deadmau5’s earlier songs, including his first hit Faxing Berlin.

However, Zimmerman claims that he did not waive all of the rights to those works including that he required approval of any new remix based upon the work and that he did not waive moral rights. However, Play Records has now released a collection of remixes of songs from that time, prompting Zimmerman to sue for breach of contract and violation of moral rights.

2: Razer Cuts Ties with Carnage After Software Piracy Controversy

Next up today, Cody Smith at Your EDM reports that computer hardware manufacturer Razer has severed ties with music producer Carnage following a scandal where Carnage was shown using illegal software in a tutorial filmed for Razer.

Razer had worked with Carnage too promote Razer Music, a new portal service to aid in the creation of electronic music. Carnage produced a tutorial video demonstrating the service but the video showed him using a pirated version of the music production application Sylenth. This drew attention from Lennar Digital, the company that makes the application, and they sent several tweets to Carnage about the issue.

Carnage responded saying that the laptop used in the video was not his, saying it was provided by Razer. Razer, however, responded by cutting ties with Carnage, removing his videos from their channel and delisting him as a sponsor of Razer Music.

3: Man Who Lost Copyright Lawsuit Against Beyonce Plans to Appeal Judge’s Ruling

Finally today, Zach Seemayer at Entertainment Tonight writes that Ahmad Javon Lane, the musician who recently had his lawsuit against Beyonce dismissed, has announced he plans on appealing the dismissal.

Lane had sued Beyonce claiming that Beyonce’s hit XO was an infringement of his song XOXO. However, the judge found that the two songs had nearly nothing in common and dismissed the case without letting it reach a trial.

Recent court documents filed though shows that Lane is not going to accept the ruling and will file an appeal. There is no word on when the appeal will likely be filed.


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