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1: Live Football Streaming Sites Rojadirecta, LiveTV and Drakulastream all Completely Banned from UK Browsers

First off today, Andrew Griffin at The Independent reports that a UK court has ruled that several sites well known for streaming football (soccer) matches must be blocked within the country, ordering local ISPs prevent their users from accessing them.

The sites involved include Rojadirecta, LiveTV and Drakulastream, which are some of the most popular sites in the country for accessing football matches. In the UK, such matches are usually streamed exclusively over Sky Network and those without a subscription often turn to streaming sites to illegally fill the gap.

The new round of blocks brings the total number of sites blocked in the country to 128. The site blocking rules were brought to the country as part of the Digital Economy Act, which received Royal Assent in 2010.

2: Judge Explores Several Angles in Jordan Brand ‘Jumpman’ Copyright Lawsuit

Next up today, Allan Brettman at The Oregonian reports that the “Jumpman” lawsuit received its first hearing, with local shoe manufacturer Nike hoping to have the case dismissed.

The lawsuit was filed by photographer Jacobus Rentmeester, who took an iconic photo of Michael Jordan that would later become the inspiration for Nike’s “Air Jordan” logo. According to Rentmeester, Nike only paid for a limited license to use the photo and that the terms of it have long expired.

Nike, however, calls the lawsuit “meritless” and “baseless”. In the hearing, Rentmeester argued in the hearing that the pose itself was copyrightable and that other poses shot later for Nike were different. The judge did not indicate which way he may rule in the matter.

3: Pirate Bay Co-Founder Fredrik Neil Released from Prison

Finally today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij has been released from prison after serving two-thirds of this ten-month prison sentence.

Neij, along with three others, was convicted in 2012 of criminal conspiracy for their role in founding and operating the site. Neij, however, fled prison sentence and was only arrested in 2014 by Thai authorities as he tried to cross the border between Laos and Thailand.

All of the others have served their sentences for their part in the site. However, one of the administrators, Gottfrid Svartholm, was also convicted on hacking charges after his Pirate Bay sentence and remains imprisoned.


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