3 Count: Rdio Flyer

3 Count: Rdio Flyer Image

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1: Torrent Site Blockades are Disproportional, Greek Court Rules

First off today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that a Greek court has ruled that ordering ISPs to block suspected BitTorrent and piracy sites is a disproportionate measure and would violate the rights of ISPs and legitimate content that would be caught in the blockade.

Them lawsuit was brought by the AEPI, a local anti-piracy organization, which asked the court to order local ISPs to block various sites including The Pirate Bay, KickasssTorrents and other sites. However, the court ruled such a blockade would violate the right to legitimate information on those sites and the ISPs right to conduct business.

While the move mirrors an earlier ruling in Dutch courts, it goes against moves by other countries such as the UK, Austria and Belgium that have ruled such blocks are legal and ordered ISPs to implement them. The AEPI has the opportunity to appeal.

2: Rdio Expands Into 24 New Markets Across Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific

Next up today, Billboard is reporting that music streaming service Rdio has now launched in 24 new markets including various nations in the Caribbean and Pacific as well as a new mobile partnership with mobile service provider Digicel, which is bringing their service to Panama, Guatemala and French Guiana among others.

Rdio, seen as one of Spotify’s most important competitors, has been aggressive with its market expansions, having also just launched in India in the past week.

The partnership with Digicel not only brings Rdio to new markets, but also has the mobile provider handling all sales and marketing for them. In addition, Rdio streams will not use up mobile data for its users.

3: Semetric Acquisition Gives Apple a Window on Piracy

Finally today, Hilip Elmer-DeWitt at Fortune reports that Apple has paid some $50 million to acquire the company Semetric, which will now give Apple valuable insights into online piracy.

Semetric is a music analytics service that pools together a variety of data about what songs are popular. This includes tracking sales, streams and social media chatter. However, the company also tracks piracy statistics.

Apple is not only one of the largest music retailers in the world through its iTunes store, but it is breaking in to streaming music with its acquisition of Beats and its streaming music service Beats Music. The company is expected to relaunch the service later this year.


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