Jonathan on the Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast

Web Search Social LogoMy tour of guest appearances continues this week as I appear as I am featured on Episode 8 of the Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast.

Hosted by Ralph M. Rivera and his wife/business partner Carol Lynn Rivera, this particular podcast takes a look at some of the more delicate issues that have been raised with copyright in the past few months.

They include:

  • Why non-tangible property is treated different than physical property.
  • The recent nude celebrity photo leak and its implications
  • Steps you can take to better protect your copyright.
  • How to combat infringement, including sending takedown notices.
  • And much, much more…

For many of the long time readers of this site and/or listeners to the Copyright 2.0 Show, some of the topics may be somewhat basic. However, for those looking for a good overview of the key issues facing content creators online, as well as some in-depth discussion of recent events, this is a great podcast and one you should definitely check out.

A big thanks to Ralph and Carol Lynn for having me, I had a great time on the show and the conversation was just amazing all around.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new Special Episode of the Copyright 2.0 Show so stay tuned for that.


Download the Podcast Here (40:07)


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