SXSW Panel: Filmmakers and Copyright Changes

Vote for My SessionIn 2012 and 2014 I traveled to Austin Texas for SXSW Interactive. First it was to speak on the topic of government and copyright reform and last year the topic was revenge pornography and the grim realities that victims face.

However, for 2015 SXSW, I’m hoping to mix things up and, instead of filing a panel with SXSW Interactive, I’ve filed for one in SXSW Film. The panel is entitled “How Looming Copyright Changes Could Hit Filmmakers” and will discuss the recent hearings and proposed changes to U.S. copyright law and how they could impact filmmakers across the world.

This panel is done jointly with the Copyright Alliance and features myself and Sandra Aistars, the Chief Executive Officer of the Copyright Alliance.

While we obviously won’t be able to predict exactly what changes will become law after the copyright review is complete (The review is currently scheduled to continue in 2015), we will have a solid idea as to what areas are being closely looked at and, most importantly, what changes are being discussed.

This panel will not only provide filmmakers a chance get a preview of the possible changes, but provide the glimpse early enough so that they can still have their voice heard about them.

I’m greatly looking forward to this panel but I need your help to make it happen. If you could please visit the page on the Panel Picker Site and vote for it (thumbs up), it would be a huge help in ensuring that the panel is taken up at SXSW Film 2015.

Likewise, any help in tweeting or sharing the panel would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your help and I hope that I get to see many of you at SXSW 2015!

Click Here to Vote for the Panel (Thumbs Up)

PS: While you’re checking out the Panel Picker, also consider Patrick O’Keefe’s panel, “How CNN and The New York Times Moderate Comments“. It’s a great look at two very different news organizations with radically opposite commenting policies. It is also well worth your thumbs ups and shares!

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