3 Count: Rimini Street Life

3 Count: Rimini Street Life Image

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1: Oracle Bests Rimini Street in Latest Lawsuit Ruling

First off today, Toby Wolpe at ZDNet reports that a Oracle is claiming victory in a recent court decision in their ongoing case against Rimini Street. The ruling not only dismisses Rimini Streets’s counterclaims of defamation and unfair competition, but finds that Rimini Street has engaged in “massive’ copyright infringement of Oracle’s software.

Rimini Street is a company that services and supports Oracle software, often at a steep discount for what Oracle itself offers. Rimini Street had previously been found to have infringed Oracle’s copyrights with regards to its PeopleSoft software, but the latest ruling deals with 25 downloads and 200 unlicensed copies of Oracle’s database software.

Rimini Street says that the ruling doesn’t impact its current operations as it only deals with software the company no longer services. However, Oracle says that the ruling is a major blow for Rimini Street, which both loses its counterclaims and is facing potentially massive copyright infringement damages.

2: Premier League Warns About Posting Goal Videos Online

Next up today, Mike Williams at BBC Newsbeat reports that the Premier League has announced that they are going to start targeting fans who post gifs and Vines of Premier League goals online.

The announcement is timed with the start of the new Premier League season and sees the league warning those who tweet or otherwise share the league’s copyrighted material, even if it’s only a few seconds. They say they will be using gif and Vine crawlers to patrol for unauthorized uploads.

Sky Sports and BT Sport recently paid £3 billion ($5 billion) to show three seasons worth of live Premier League soccer. Fans can also, for £8 ($13.35), subscribe to Sun+, which is provided by The Sun newspaper and includes all Premier League goals.

3: Angelina Jolie Slapped With New Federal Court Appeal

Finally today, Amber Ryland at Radar Online is reporting that a Croatian author has filed an appeal in her lawsuit against Angelina Jolie, seeking to overturn a dismissal from last year.

James Braddock claims that Jolie’s film Land of Blood and Honey was based on his book The Soul Shattering. However, a lower court judge ruled against Braddock saying that the two works were not similar.

Braddock is now claiming that the judge erred in his analysis, using incorrectly translated descriptions and overly simplifying his work. Though he filed the appeal in March, the papers have just surfaced, indicating that Jolie is not yet completely done with this lawsuit.


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