Guest Post: Aereo in a Nutshell

Aereo LogoSince I’m travelling this week and my time for writing is more limited than usual, I’m turning to some of my friends and colleagues to help keep things interesting on this site.

Today, I want to turn the metaphorical mic over to my friend and fellow New Orleanian Devlin Hartline, who writes the excellent Law Theories blog and routinely cross posts to CopyHype.

His post is an excellent follow up to one I published last week about the recent decision by the Supreme Court to take up the Aereo case. Devlin’s take on it looks closer at the legal issues and what the Supreme Court is actually deciding.

So for those who want a more thorough analysis of the legal issues, here’s Devlin with his breakdown of the case.

Guest Post: Aereo in a Nutshell ImageAereo in a Nutshell (via

Cross-posted on the Law Theories blog. Now that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Aereo appeal, I want to offer a simple explanation of the central legal issue before the Court. Much has been written about Aereo, but surprisingly little of it…

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