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1: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Another Victory With $150,000 at Stake

First off today, TMZ writes that boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has won a major legal victory as a judge has dismissed a 2010 lawsuit against him over his entrance music when he made an appearance at Wrestlemania in 2008.

Produce Anthony Lawrence Dash sued both Mayweather and the WWE, which puts on Wrestlemania, over allegations that Mayweather and the WWE remixed a song he created to use as Mayweather’s entrance music at the event.

However, the judge dismissed the case saying that he was not entitled to any share of the profits because there was no proof that Mayweather or the WWE earned any profit from the song. Dash had sought at least $150,000 in damages.

2: Copyright Commission to Draft New Law to Check Piracy

Next up today, Kasim Sumaina at This Day reports that Nigeria is set to begin drafting a new copyright law and has turned to Google and others to help them with it.

The Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) annonced that it will begin drafting a new law aimed at stopping piracy in the country. They say that they have partnered with Google to have the search giant provide infrastructure on tackling piracy in the country.

The NCC also asked for help from the press with changing peoples’ minds about piracy and encouraging more legitimate use of copyrighted work.

3: Eos Welsh Music Copyright Tribunal to Consider Decision

Finally today, Huw Thomas at the BBC reports on an update to a story we discussed earlier, the dispute between Eos Welsh music society and the BBC.

Eos was founded by a group of Welsh-language musicians who left their previous royalty collection-society, PRS. They then began to negotiate with the BBC but were unable to reach a deal on royalties for BBC radio and its various Welsh stations. The BBC had sought to pay around £100,000 ($161,000) but Eos wanted approximately £1.5 million ($2.4 million). After negotiations failed, the matter went before a copyright Tribunal, which heard the matter this week.

According to Eos, the BBC has a legal obligation to support minority languages and its offer does not meet that criteria. However, the BBC said that their offer was already a high markup on the value of the songs. In the meantime, the BBC has not been able to play Eos music and has had to severely cut back the hours their Welsch-language stations operate.


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