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1: Microsoft, EMC, Netapp Join Oracle’s Legal Fight Against Google on Java

First off today, John Ribeiro at CIO reports that Microsoft, EMC, NetApp and the Business Software Alliance (BSA) have all filed briefs with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit backing Oracle in its appeal against Google.

Oracle sued Google for alleged copyright and patent violations claiming that Google had copied portions of JAVA code, owned by Oracle, for use in its Android mobile operating system. Google denied this, saying that their version of JAVA is non-infringing.

The case went before a court, which handed Google victories on both copyright and patent issues, only finding a small amount of copyright infringement. However, the court struck down Oracle’s biggest copyright issue, the alleged infringement of JAVA application programming interfaces (APIs), ruing that APIs are not copyrightable. Oracle is now appealing that ruling and, in the process has found new allies among the companies above.

2: Pirate Party Threatened With Lawsuit for Hosting The Pirate Bay

Next up today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that the Swedish Pirate Party has been threatened with a lawsuit by a copyright group named Rights Alliance if they do not stop providing bandwidth and hosting services to The Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay turned to the Pirate Party to help provide hosting for their site after other providers were ordered to stop. According to The Pirate Party, what they are doing is not illegal in Sweden.

Nonetheless, the letter gave the party until February 26 to respond.

3: Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk Sue Russian Companies Over Copyright

Finally today, RAPSI, a Russian legal information agency, reports that Autodesk Incorporated, Microsoft and Adobe Systems Incorporated have filed lawsuits in a Russian court against a pair of local firms that they allege have been using pirated software.

Autodesk and Microsoft sued a tire plant while Adobe has filed against Trio. They seek some 900,000 rubles ($30,000) in damages. The alleged infringements were discovered by police during an “routine inspection.”

In five days the court will decided whether or not to process the lawsuits.


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