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1: After Google’s $80M French Publishers’ Fund, Press Lobby Group Chief Calls For Search Giant To Pay Media In Every European Country

First off today, Natasha Lomas at TechCrunch writes that Francisco Pinto Balsemao, head of the European Publishers Council (EPC), has released a statement calling upon google to make payments to newspapers in every European country. The move comes shortly after Google struck a deal in France to establish a a €60 million ($80 million) fund to support French publishers.

The fund was established to settle a copyright dispute between French publishers and Google over Google News, which the news publishers said was infringing their copyright. The EPC has clarified the statement saying that Baisemao was acting in his capacity as the head of Portugal-based Impresa and that the EPC itself does not have a stance.

The deal in France followed a similar one with Belgian publishers over a similar dispute back in December. Both deals focus on creating partnerships to help push papers online and establish collaborations between Google and newspapers to increase revenue for the papers.

2: Lawyer For Superman Heirs Wants DC Comics Suit Dismissed

Next up today, Dominic Patten at Deadline writes that DC Comics writes that Marc Taberoff, the lawyer who represented the estates of both of Superman’s co-creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, is asking for a lawsuit against him to be dropped.

Warner Brothers, which was recently awarded full control over the character, sued Taberoff three years ago alleging that he interfered with a 1992 agreement that the company had reached with the two estates. Taberoff encouraged the two estates to seek copyright termination, which is an element of the law that allows original creators of a work to terminate agreements after a certain number of years.

However, Taberoff claims that Warner waited too long to file the suit against him, noting that the alleged offense took place nearly ten years before the lawsuit was filed and five years after Warner was put on notice. According to Taberoff, Warner is bound by a four-year statute of limitations that bars them from bring the action.

3: China’s Top Video Site Youku Tudou Denies Copyright Violation Claim from Rival

Finally today, Jon Russel at The Next Web writes that Youku Tudou, China’s largest video site, is denying claims that it is infringing copyright of its smaller rival, Xunlei.

According to Xunlei, Youku Tudou is offering up 13 movies and TV dramas that it has exclusive rights to, prompting them to file a lawsuit. However, Youku Tudou, which has deals with many many content providers, including all of top movie studios, denies the claim and says that Xunlei is simply seeking publicity.

The case, which was filed during the Chinese New Year period, has not been accepted by the court. Xunlei is seeking 1 million yuan ($160,400) in compensation.


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