Turns 10, Launches New Website

Plagiarism Advice, a site and organization created by Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) in the United Kingdom, turned 10 years old recently (making it three years older than Plagiarism Today) and it is celebrating its anniversary by relaunching its website with a new look.

The organization is best known for its biennial International Plagiarism Conference, the fifth of which was held in July, but the organization works year-round to provide training, resources and guidance to academic institutions worldwide on the subject of plagiarism.

The new site is more streamlined and focused, highlighting key resources, making available over 200 research papers on the topic of plagiarism and even videos of keynotes at past International Plagiarism Conference events. In addition to the videos, the PDFs of other conference proceedings are also available.

The site also has an international academic network of experts on plagiarism and academic integrity and, of course, an excellent blog on the topic.

On that note, I want to congratulate on ten great years and on the new site. They remain one of the best sources for getting information on academic plagiarism in the world and I’m deeply honored that they mentioned Plagiarism Today in their top 10 resources. The work they do both publicly and behind the scenes is absolutely crucial to helping academics battle plagiarism and provide help to schools and instructors alike in a very difficult area.

Here’s to ten great years of history and hopefully many more to come!

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