3 Count: Pointed Lawsuit

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1: Optus to Fight TV Copyright Ruling

First off today, ABC News reports that, in Australia, cell service provider Optus has announced its plans to appeal a ruling against its TV Now service, which was shut down last month after another appeals court ruled against them. The case pits Optus against its competitor Telstra and various sports leagues in the nation. According to the leagues, TV Now, which lets users record over the air television to watch on their mobile devices, often with only a minute or two of delay, violates copyright in their matches. A lower court ruled in favor of Optus but the full bench ruled in favor of Telstra, forcing Optus to close the service. The says it will appeal the ruling, saying that it is the users, not them, making the recordings and that the service works just like a traditional DVR. Telstra, on the other hand, says the service threatens various exclusive deals it signed with the leagues to broadcast the matches digitally.

2: Pirates Beware: DVD Anti-Piracy Warning Now Twice as Fierce

Next up today, David Kravets at Wired reports that the Federal bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the MPAA have unveiled the new anti-piracy warnings that will be displayed before DVDs and Blu-Rays purchased in the U.S. The warnings no feature logos from both the FBI and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as well as a second screen featuring a message from the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center). The logos are for use exclusive by licensed major motion picture studios, namely those in the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and unauthorized use may be punished. The warnings will be unskippable when played in a DVD player, causing many to wonder if the hassle may encourage piracy.

3: Man Sues Jaguars Over ‘Three-Point Stand’ Copyright Infringement

Finally today, Alfie Crow at Big Cat Country writes that a Jacksonville man is suing the Jacksonville Jaguars, the American football team, for copyright and patent infringement over a “3 Point Stand” used to hold a football up to practice kicking. The man claims to be the inventer of the stand and, in his three-page filing, provides proof with a photo of what appears to be a two-point stand. The lawsuit seeks “$5,000,000 million” in damages. More importantly though, the case serves as a word of caution that anyone can sue for anything at any time, including when it comes to copyright.


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