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1: EU Asks Court to Clarify Legality of Anti-Counterfeiting Accord

First off today, the EU has referred the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) to the organization’s highest court to find out if the agreement violates any elements of EU law. The treaty, which is an attempt to harmonize copyright and other intellectual property enforcement across signatory countries, was signed by the U.S., Japan, Korea and the EU, but has hit many roadblocks to ratification in the EU due to protests against the agreement. This move effectively puts ratification of the treaty on hold in the EU pending the judicial hearing.

2: Dotcom Relieved to be Going Home

Next up today, Megaupload CEO and founder Kim Dotcom has been released on bail under a strict set of conditions that forbid him from traveling farther than 80 KM (about 50 miles) from his home, not have any helicopters visit his property and not use the Internet during his release. Dotcom, who was arrested along with half a dozen of his employees when law enforcement on three continents moved to shutter his site, is widely regarded as a flight risk with both a large fortune, a history of running from other charges and dual citizenship. However, police and prosecutors could not meet the burden of proof that Dotcom was a continued flight risk, thus prompting the judge to order his conditional release.

3: ‘Godfather’ Author Puzo’s Estate Sued by Paramount in Copyright Action

Finally today, Paramount Pictures has sued Anthony Puzo, over his plans to publish a sequel to the ‘Godfather’ novel, upon which the movie trilogy released by Paramount is based. Anthony Puzo is the son of Mario Puzo and the executor to his estate. Mario Puzo was the author of the original ‘Godfather’ novel. According to attorneys for Puzo, the original contract signed with Paramount did not waive rights to write sequel novels and Paramount was “repeatedly” warned about the new novel and did not object until the suit was filed. Paramount is claiming both copyright and trademark infringement in the new novel, which is planned for release in May.


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