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Google Plus LogoIt was literally just last week that I was able to set up a Google+ profile for myself and invite others to follow me there. Now, thanks to another round of Google+ improvements, I’ve been able to create a Google+ page for Plagiarism Today itself.

If things go according to plan, this page will work much like Plagiarism Today’s Facebook Page in that it will be dedicated solely to posting content and relevant news from the site. My personal profile there will be both personal and business so it will include both PT-related posts as well as other updates.

If you’re using Google+ and don’t want all of my personal posts in your stream, feel free to just follow Plagiarism Today’s page and get only the site-related news.

Finally, here’s a very quick breakdown of all the places that you can follow myself and Plagiarism Today on the Web.


  1. Personal Google+ Profile
  2. Plagiarism Today Brand Page


  1. Personal Facebook Profile
  2. Plagiarism Today Facebook Fan Page


  1. Personal/Site Twitter Profile

In addition to all of those methods, you can always subscribe to the email newsletter in the box to the right or simply add the RSS feed to Google Reader or whatever RSS reader you prefer.

I’m still working on ways to better use both the Facebook and Googe+ accounts, including possibly using Google+ Hangouts to host the Copyright 2.0 Show moving forward. I’ll have more news on those changes shortly.

Thank you for your patiences and for your support!

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