3 Count: DMCA Prank

3 Count: DMCA Prank Image

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1: Justin Bieber, Gaga Fans Enraged as Videos Disappear from YouTube

First off today, Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga fell victim to a prankster named “ILCreative” that filed a copyright complaint against all of their videos. Other stars, including Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce all had some of their videos removed. All of the removed videos have been restored, but fans launched a Twitter campaign against IlCreative, many of whom threatened the unnamed person. The DMCA provides penalties for filing false DMCA notices but it is unclear if IlCreative used the full DMCA process.

2: File-sharing Site Bayfiles ‘To Respect Copyrights’

Next up today, two of the original founders of The Pirate Bay are starting up a new site, Bayfiles, that will function as a one-click hosting site. However, the pair has said that the site will respect copyright law and remove infringing material. The site will work like Rapidshare and other one-click hosting sites in that users will upload files, up to 500 MB in size and be given a link to allows others access to download it. The site has already registered a DMCA agent with the U.S. Copyright Office to receive notices of copyright infringement.

3: New iTunes Match Feature Revealed: Music Streaming From The Cloud Coming Soon

Finally today, as a new developer beta of iOS has been sent out, enabling testers to sign up for Apple’s iCLoud service, a new feature has been discovered, streaming music from the cloud. The feature, which disappointed many when it was not shown during Apple’s unveiling of the iCloud service, enables users to stream their music from Apple’s servers and not having them stored locally on their computer or phone. The move pits Apple more head-to-head with Google Music and Amazon Cloud MP3.


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