3 Count: Blinked Video

3 Count: Blinked Video Image

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1: Solicitors Fined £20,000 for Sending Intimidating Letters

First off today, two London solicitors, David Gore and Brian Miller have been fined £20,000, approximately $33,000 by an oversight board for their part in a mass copyright litigation effort they initiated as then-partners at the firm Davenport Lyons. The two were also ordered to pay SRA costs totaling £150,000, or about $245,000, to cover the costs of the investigation. The men had been charged with breaches of ethics including breaches included allowing their independence to be compromised, not acting in the best interests of their clients, and acting in a way that was likely to diminish the trust the public placed in them or in the legal profession. Both men are planning on appealing the verdict and the judgment has been stayed for 21 days to allow that.

2: Lady Gaga Sued for Copyright

Next up today, Lady Gaga and DJ White Shadow LLC have been sued by songwriter Rebecca Francescatti, who claims the duo ripped off her song “Juda” in making their song “Judas”. According to her attorney, the similarities between the songs are simply too great to be coincidence and that the lifting was primarily done by Brian Joeseph Gaynor, who was Francescatti’s base player and sound engineer and helped on the Gaga song. “Juda” was registered in 1999 and “Judas” was released in 2011 on Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album.

3: Blink-182 Steal fan footage for ‘Up All Night’

Finally today, Blink 182 has released their first single in eight years and has done something a bit unique with it. The band, with the help of AT&T, located YouTube videos that used music from the band without their permission and, rather than filing takedowns against them, edited the clips together to make a new music video for the new single, “Up All Night”. Entitled “The Blink 182 Film Festival You Didn’t Know You Entered”, the video uses clips from several dozen fan made videos in what the band says is an attempt to “reward” them.


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