John Hari and the Lesson for Other Businesses

Ithenticate LogoMy post for today is actually not on Plagiarism Today but on the blog for iThenticate, a company specializing in professional plagiarism/copy detection.

Entitled “John Hari and the Lesson for Other Bussinesses” the post takes a brief look at the John Hari “plagiarism” and what other businesses should glean from it.

For those who aren’t familiar with the story, Hari is a commentator and interviewer at the British newspaper “The Independent”. However, it was recently discovered that at least some of the quotes he attributed to people he interviewed were not from his actual discussion with them, but from books or other works written by them.

The scandal is an interesting one, not only because it stretches and questions the definition of the word “plagiarism” but also because it is yet another warning for businesses on the issue of not checking out going content for duplication and copying.

In addition to coverage of the scandal, the article offers tips for businesses on how they should deal with plagiarism, or at least the possibility of plagiarism, and what steps they can take to avoid going through the Headache that The Independent is going through now.

So get yourself over to the iThenticate blog to read the article. I’m hoping that at least some of you will find it useful, especially in these uncertain times.

Disclosure: Though I have and continue to use iThenticate’s products in my consulting practice, I have no formal relationship with the company. I was invited to write this article as a guest post by the team at iThenticate.

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