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1: Biggest BitTorrent Downloading Case in U.S. History Targets 23,000 Defendants

First off today, a Federal judge has agreed to allow the U.S. Copyright Group subpoena the names and information for some 23,000 suspected downloaders for the movie “The Expendables”, making it the largest such subpoena in copyright history. To make matters even worse for sharers of the movie, the company is planning on adding more IP addresses to the list in the future. The U.S. Copyright Group routinely seeks such subpoenas in order to get personal information of suspected file sharers to then send settlement demand letters, which routinely call for $3,000 or more per infringement to make the case end.

2: Lime Wire Founder on Copyright Law: ‘I Was Wrong’

Next up today, Lime Wire’s founder and CEO took the stand and, after cross-examined by attorneys representing the record labels, admitted that he was wrong on the issue of copyright law when he set up and refused to shut down the service. He said that, when he was operating the file sharing service, he didn’t feel his actions were inducing copyright infringement at all but that, after several court rulings, he admits his error. Lime Wire along with Gorton are being sued by a coalition of record labels over their file sharing software. A court has already found both Gorton and Lime Wire liable and the trial is solely on the issue of damages.

3: Rock Solid: AC/DC Stand Firm On Downloads

Finally today, the band AC/DC, one of the few major hold outs for legitimate digital downloads, are staying that they will remain resolute to not allow downloads of their tracks, saying that they want people to enjoy the album, not individual tracks. This comes well after the Beatles, previously the largest holdout band, allowed their music to be downloaded on iTunes. According to AC/DC guitarist Angus Young, the band has no intentions to change its pattern and, likewise, has no plans on quitting and is even working on a new album.


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