Free Copyright Webinar February 22

Copyright WebinarI’m sorry for the late notice, but I wanted to let everyone know that this coming Tuesday, February 22nd, I’ll be giving a free copyright webinar entitled “Copyright Post Basics for Creative Professionals, Media Companies and Content Archives.

The Webinar will begin at 1 PM ET (10 AM PT) and will last about one hour. The topics covered in the webinar will include:

  1. Review important copyright basics
  2. What works are NOT protected by copyright
  3. Basics of fair use
  4. How to handle works by multiple authors, specifically how this affects copyright
  5. Assigning and transferring copyright;
  6. Differences between copyright licensing and transferring
  7. Copyright myths

Free Copyright Webinar February 22 Image

The webcast is sponsored by Digimarc and is something of a follow-up to a related webcast I gave last year on the basics of copyright. This one is meant to be a slightly more advanced talk on copyright covering more complex and involved issues than the first.

Admission is both free and unlimited, simply fill out the form on this page and you will be emailed the needed information to join the webinar. There has already been a huge interest in this talk and I would love to see many of you there as well.

For those of you who missed the first talk or simply want a recap of it, I’ve embedded the video of the talk below. I will have the video of this talk online shortly after the talk is finished so, if you can’t make it, stay tuned for that.

Hope to see you there!

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