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1: Author Slams eBook Piracy, Son Outs Her As a Music Pirate

First off today, as part of a point/counterpoint on the issue of ebook piracy, the Norwegian publication Dagens N√¶ringsliv ran an interview with author Anne B. Ragde, who slammed ebook piracy. However, during the interview, she admitted to buying counterfeit handbags and her son said that the two of them had a rather large pirated MP3 collection. Ragbe defended herself by saying the quotes were taken out of context, that the iPod on which the music is stored is “not representative of (her) relationship with the music industry” and that she will delete the songs when she arrives at the cottage where it’s stored during the holidays.

2: YouTube Extends Video Time, Promises Copyright Protection

Next up today, Google has announced that it will begin allowing some users to upload clips longer than 15 minutes to YouTube but it will only be doing so for those with a proven track record of complying with YouTube’s copyright policies. YouTube has also said that it will be rolling out the feature slowly and that it will continue to use the ContentID system to ensure that copyright infringing material is not uploaded to the service. However, many content creators, in particular the Independent Film & Television Alliance, are not wholly convinced of the power of the ContentID system.

3: Judge: Music Website Violated Beatles Copyrights

Finally today, a year after the service was forced to close due to a lawsuit, BlueBeat.com has been found liable for copyright infringement for selling the Beatles songs, over a year before they were legally available on the Web. The site famously sold the Beatles, along with other popular artists, for 25 cents per track. The company was shuttered by another industry lawsuit in 2009 but the case involving EMI over the Beatles tracks continued.


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