At The University of Advancing Technology TechForum

Techforum LogoI know last week on the site was a bit dead due to Halloween but this week I am in Tempe, AZ attending the University of Advancing Technology’s Techforum where I will be speaking on Thursday about the technology of plagiarism and plagiarism detection.

I will be joined by a variety a slew of heavy-hitters in the tech field as they talk about everything from why video games suck to cyberwarfare.

As usual when I attend such an event, I’ll be reporting on it live, tweeting out notes and images over my Twitter account so feel free to follow along with the action there.

Also, as usual, with permission from the conference organizers, I will be posting the slides of my presentation online for everyone and licensing it under a Creative Commons License. So, expect that sometime either later this week or early next.

In other site news, I will also be resuming the 3 Count column tomorrow and will be keeping limited office hours during the down times.

Finally, if any of you are in the Phoenix area and want to meet, drop me a line. I’ve already gotten to meet long-time friend and former Copyright 2.0 Show co-host Chris Matthieu and am hoping to meet a few others while I’m here.

I hope to see some of you at the TechForum and will be keeping everyone up to date on my Twitter account.

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