3 Count: Jailbreaking XBox

3 Count: Jailbreaking XBox Image

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1: Prosecutors Seek to Block Xbox Hacking Pioneer From Mod-Chip Trial

First off today, Matthew Crippen faces jail time for modifying (or “jailbreaking”) Xbox 360 game consoles after he performed the procedure, which allows the playing of pirated and homemade games on the system, for two undercover investigators. He is now facing three years of jail time for violating the DMCA’s anticircumvention provisions. However, Crippen intends to show that he didn’t actually circumvent anything by offering a step-by-step tutorial, provided by Andrew “Bunnie” Huang, who literally wrote the book on modding Xboxes. However, prosecutors in the case want his testimony thrown out as being not legally relevant. The penalty for game console modification is in stark contrast to the phone jailbreaking, which was made legal this year.

2: Web Cable Firm Ivi TV Announcing Content Deals ‘Soon’

Next up today, even as ivi TV presses its case in court that it is a online only cable company, thus making its desire to rebroadcast network television over the Web legal, it is also striking deals with various content creators and is prepared to announce several such deals “soon”. The deals were apparently struck at the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing Summit in my hometown of New Orleans. ivi was threatened by various network TV operators as well as Major League Baseball and other content providers for its plan to rebroadcast network TV on the Web, prompting ivi to file a proactive lawsuit.

3: Chinese Treatment for Anti-China Ad Parody?

Finally today, the Citizens Against Government Waste issued a takedown notice against a parody of their ad posted to YouTube. Their ad, which featured a Chinese professor from 2030 explaining why the U.S. economic policies from today doomed it, was parodied by Campus Progress to have the subtitles altered to give it a completely different meaning. Campus Progress believes that their video is not copyright infringement but any restoration of the video will have to come after the election, which is November 2nd, due to the 10-business day waiting period.


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