In Brief: The WordPress Content Submit Plugin

Aff LogoIf you run a WordPress blog and openly accept submissions from others, you may want to take a look at AFF Helper’s Content Submit Plugin.

Fundamentally, what the plugin does is create a form that you can insert into any page or post of your site to openly solicit submissions. Though the form is a bit small for actually writing in, it can be easily copied and pasted into.

The form is highly customizable, allowing you to change the submit button, show a CAPTCHA and also set a min/max number of words. You can also charge visitors for submitting content to your site, a method often used to stop spammers.

However, the reason it gets a mention on Plagiarism Today is that the plugin integrates with Copyscape to automatically detect if the work has been plagiarized or if it has simply been submitted elsewhere first.

AFF Plugin Copyscape

You will, however, need a premium Copyscape account, which will cost at least $5 for 100 queries and. Also, if you use this option, all incoming submissions will be checked, meaning they cost you 5 cents apiece. Still, for someone who is interested in streamlining the entire content submission/copy detection system, it’s a pretty neat idea.

Unfortunately, the plugin is not available in the WordPress Plugin Library and is only available as a download from the link above. Since I wasn’t able to verify that the code was adequately secure, especially since it accepts user submissions, I was not comfortable installing it.

That being said, this idea of integrating Copyscape into submission plugins, such as the Content Submit plugin, is an interesting one and something I’d like to see more of.

All in all, those who have a use for the plugin and are more comfortable installing non-reviewed plugins may want to give it a try. It could be a great way to streamline the entire content submission process, including the ability to verify authenticity.

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