3 Count: Unfox-like

3 Count: Unfox-like Image

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1: Fox News Sues Democratic Senate Candidate

First off today, Fox News has sued Missouri Democratic Senate candidate Robin Carnahan for her use of Fox News footage in a commercial that, according to the network, made it seem they were endorsing her. Specifically at issue is an interview with Carnahan’s Republican opponent, Roy Blunt, where Fox News asked difficult questions of Blunt. Carnahan used a clip from the interview in her ad, prompting Fox News to file the lawsuilt. The YouTube version of the commercial has also been removed after a DMCA notice by Fox News.

2: Movie Rental Outfit Calls For Nationwide Pirate Bay Block

Next up today, ACAPOR, a Portuguese organization that represents movie rental companies within the country, is asking Ministry of Culture to require ISPs in Portugal to block access to The Pirate Bay. The group has also announced it is launching a separate case against Piratatuga.net, a site it claims is as popular as The Pirate Bay in the country. However, convincing the government to block either site appears to be a long shot at best.

3: The Significance of the Huge European Warez Scene Raids

Finally today, Torrentfreak has done some reporting on the results of the recent “Scene” raids in the EU and, along the way, offers some insight about how the Scene works. Scene sites are sites atop the piracy pyramid, where movies and albums are leaked well before they appear on other file sharing sites, and several of them were raided across a dozen countries in the EU last week. According to tips TorrentFreak has received, at least some of the sites sat atop the Scene pyramid as well, which scores sites on a scale of 0-3, including one of the two “3” sites. Exactly how disruptive this will be to the Scene community remains to be, well, seen.


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