3 Count: Implied License

3 Count: Implied License Image

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1: Blogger Sued By Copyright Troll Argues He Had ‘Implied License’

First off today, one of the defendants being sued by Righthaven, the company enforcing the rights of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, is making a legal argument that may ruffle some feathers. According to filings the defendant is claiming that the newspaper, by placing features to encourage limited sharing of the content, offered an implied license for the article to be copied and pasted onto their blog. It is unclear how that argument will fly but other arguments, including jurisdiction and fair use issues, are being raised in this and other Righthaven cases.

2: Negotiators Confirm ACTA Not Really a “Counterfeiting” Treaty

Next up today, negotiators for the controversial ACTA treaty held a luncheon where some outsiders were allowed. According to American University’s Mike Palmedo, Luc Devigne, the top negotiator on the treaty for the EU, is pushing to add patents into to the already controversial legislation. Also, according to negotiators for South Korea, many in Korea are wondering why there is no Internet morality clause included, this come one the heels of a string of celebrity suicides in the country following “gossipy Internet slander.” However, there is no sign Korea actually is pushing for such a clause. Still this has many worried as some feel the treaty is already too expansive and may become even more so.

3: Courtney Love Settles Over Nirvana Copyright

Finally today, Courtney Love, Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain’s widow, has settled a copyright lawsuit with London & Co., which claimed to have partial ownership over Nirvana’s back catalog. The company had objected to a sale by Love in 2008 of her rights to Nirvana’s work and demanded a portion of the $20 million revenue. The two sides have settled their dispute under undisclosed terms and have ended the court case between them.


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