3 Count: Canada Redux

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1: Canada Introduces Legislation to Amend Copyright Laws

First off today, the Conservative Party in Canada has introduced a piece of copyright legislation, a follow up to its previous, more contentious, bill that was halted due to an election. This bill would provide protections to digital locks, similar to the DMCA’s anti-circumvention protections here in the U.S., but would also allow non-commercial format shifting to transfer music and other works from one format to another for personal use. The anti-circumvention rules also have a fair dealing exemption, which is unlike the U.S. version, and the bill also codifies into law the practice of ISPs simply forwarding on notices of infringement to users and removes them completely from liability for infringement.

2: India vows to sabotage ACTA

India has vowed to band together with similar-minded countries and oppose the controversial ACTA treaty. The move is interesting because India, nor the other nations mentioned (Brazil, China, etc.) are not parties to the treaty at this time though many believe that, once ratified, they might be pressured to sign on later. India has vowed to negotiate with parties to the treaty in an attempt to derail the process but it doesn’t object to the controversial Internet portions of the treaty and, instead, is focused more on the protections granted pharmaceuticals in the proposed agreement.

3: Rock Band Claims Paul Violated Music Copyright

Finally, in the latest dispute between a band and a politician, the Canadian rock group Rush has sent a letter to the campaign of Kentucky Republican Senate hopeful Rand Paul for using two of their songs without permission, one at a rally and one as the background for a fundraising video. The campaign has called the matter a “non-issue”.


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