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1: Time Warner Cable Tries To Put Brakes on Massive Piracy Case

First off today, Time Warner Cable has filed an objection to the U.S. Copyright Group’s massive subpoena for customer information, saying that it is too burdensome and that the lawsuit, which included a filling against over 2,000 suspected file sharers, should be broken up into individual cases. TWC also cites discovery abuses, claiming that the U.S. Copyright Group misled them about the number of subpoenas they would file, filing nearly double the amount promised. If the subpoenas are quashed, then it could severely hamper the lawsuit strategy of the U.S. Copyright Group, which has filed some 20,000 plus lawsuits on the behalf of independent film makers.

2: Pirate Bay ISP Hit With German Injunction; Must Stop Hosting

Next up today, a German district court has filed an injunction against Cyberbunker ordering that the company either stop providing hosting services to The Pirate Bay or face fines as high as 250,000 Euro per infringement plus a possible two-year sentence for the company’s owner, Sven Olaf Kamphuis. Cyberbunker is a Netherlands-based company that is known for hosting sites that other hosts refuse to house and doing so with a high level of privacy and security.

3: Nonsense: Filming a Movie Being Filmed Violates Copyright

Finally today, can you be sued for copyright infringement for filming a movie being made? Paramount pictures certainly thinks that it is an infringement at least as it has filed DMCA takedown notices against several clips uploaded by a person who happened to work next to an alley where a scene from the upcoming Transformers 3 film was being shot. The claims are dubious as copyright usually reverts to the person taking the video but, to make matters more complex, similar footage taken by another bystander remains online at this time.


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