3 Count: Obama’s Nominee

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1: Why Hollywood Should Be Nervous About Court Pick

First off today, the entertainment industry may be a bit nervous about President Obama’s recent nominee for the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan. Though her bench record on most issues is sparse, her views on copyright are well-known. As Dean at the Harvard Law school for much of this decade, Kegan oversaw the expansion of the Berkman Center, which is not only famously liberal on fair use issues but is also home to Charles Nesson, who famously defended Joel Tenenbaum in his case against the RIAA. She also weighed in on the Cablevision case as the Solicitor General, where she sided with the cable company’s remote DVR system over the objection of the movie studios.

2: Disc or Download? You Decide

Next up today, the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) is working on a set of draft standards to help make digital download and digital streaming of media content easier and more secure for users. The idea is to create a standard that allows users to stream or view media content wherever they may be on any device. The consortium, which was founded by a group of tech and media companies, also hopes to evolve and push the Blu-Ray standard, calling it the best way to view content available right now.

3: Court Orders Stay On the Release of Kites

Finally today, another major release in India is facing copyright trouble right before its release. The movie Kites, scheduled to open on March 21, has had a stay filed against it until after the parties can meet in court on the 24th. At issue is the rights clearance on several clips used in the film, which the owner says they were never properly paid for. The studio behind the film, however, has announced that they are going ahead with the planned release.


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