3 Count: Past Due

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1: Hollywood: Its Time For Court To Impose Pirate Bay Fines

First off today, the movie studios that successfully sued and pursued criminal charges against the Pirate Bay founders in Sweden are now pushing the court to levy fines against the founders of the site, claiming that they are still running the site despite the guilty verdicts. The verdict, which is under appeal, requires the admins to shut down the site though the men involved claim to have sold the site to a third-party, a claim the movie studios say they have seen no evidence of. The studios are seeking some 500,000 kronor ($69,000) in fines for the continued operation of The Pirate Bay.

2: Justice Appoints New FBI Agents, Attorneys To Focus On IP

Next up today, the FBI, to commemorate the 10th World Intellectual Property Day, has announced the hiring of 15 new assistant U.S. Attorneys and 20 special agents that will be dedicated to intellectual property issues. The 20 new agents will be added to the 31 who already specialize in this area and will be deployed to Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., where such squads already exist.

3: Sixth Copyright Suit Filed Over R-J Stories on Websites

Finally today, Righthaven LLC, a copyright-enforcement startup owned by the same company as the Las Vegas Review-Journal has filed a sixth lawsuit against a site allegedly reusing content from the newspaper. This one targets Mark Chavez, who the company says runs thelobolair.com, a Nevada sports site. It is unclear if other sites may be targeted in the near future.


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