Why Content Splicing is a Bad Idea

Why Content Splicing is a Bad Idea Image

Yesterday a guest post of mine was published to the blog MLV Writes, an excellent blog by Monica Valentinelli, who is a writer and content consultant.

The post is about something I’m calling content splicing, which is a form of copyright infringement where, often plagiarized, passages of content are combined from various sources to create a “new” work that only has parts of the sources.

It is a form of content misuse that is more common in academia than it is online though we are seeing more of it on blogs and other Web sites.

This blog posts takes a brief look at what splicing is, where it sits under copyright law and, most importantly, why it is a bad idea including search engine penalties, quality of work issues and time required.

If you’re interested in this type of plagiarism, definitely give this article a read and leave a comment if you have any questions or additional thoughts!

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