3 Count: Fireworks Display

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1: Expect fireworks Thursday in Viacom vs. Google

First off this morning, today is expected to be a big day in the Google/Viacom lawsuit as the two sides have filed for a summary judgement and it appears that “embarrassing” secrets revealed during discovery may be released, potentially humiliating both sides. Though speculation about what that may be is rampant, definitely keep an eye open for tomorrow’s 3 Count for more details.

2: Canada’s $75 iPod Levy Returns (and Might Legalize P2P)

Next up today, Canadian MP Charlie Angus has proposed a $75 levy on iPods and other MP3 players in exchanged for the guaranteed right to format shift content, including taking content from CDs and placing it on an MP3 player. There is some speculation that this rule could legalize P2P file sharing in the country but that is a position the content industries have strongly denied.

3: Copyright Conviction Raises Privacy Concerns

Finally today, Gérémi Adam is the first man in Canadian history to be tried and convicted for copyright infringement under a new law. He was sentenced to two and a half months for camming a movie, this after he was arrested for sharing files online. Many privacy experts, on the other hand, have expressed concern over the conviction wondering how monitoring of illegal downloads is going toi be possible without monitoring all Internet traffic.


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