3 Count: Big Win

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1: A Big Victory for F/OSS: Jacobsen v. Katzer is Settled

First off today, we have a settlement that is being hailed as a major win for the open source software community. The case of Jacobsen v. Katzer has been settled on terms favorable to open source software. The case involved JMRI, an open-sourced program to control model trains that was used without permission and copyright notices by Katzer. Jacobsen sued, won some early wins at both the district and appeals level and now the case has been resolved, going a long way to help establish the enforceability of open source licenses.

2: Malone to AFACT: You Lose, You Pay

Next up, the iiNet case may not be as resolved as previously thought. Not only is there the possibility of an appeal, by the movie studios, who sued Austalian ISP iiNet claiming that the company did not do enough to prevent file sharing via its service, but iiNet wants AFACT, the copyright holder representative group that was behind the lawsuit, to foot their legal bill, estimated at $5.7 million before insurance adjustment. It seems as if this case, which iiNet won in the first trial, may have some ways to go.

3: Carol Kaye Misunderstands TorrentFreak

Finally today, bass guitar legend Carol Kaye seems to be a bit confused about how Bittorrent works. She recently sent several threatening letters to bittorrent-related sites, including the news site Torrentfreak, which does not host any torrents or infringing material. When she was corrected and even offered help in contacting the correct people, she responded in a hostile manner and even got her fans to write in as well.


That’s it for the three count today. We will be back tomorrow with three more copyright links. If you have a link that you want to suggest a link for the column or have any proposals to make it better. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I hope to hear from you.

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