3 Count: Mario Carted

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1: $1.5m Fine for Illegal Game Upload

First off, an Australian man has been ordered to pay Nintendo $1.5 million and cover $100,000 in court costs for uploading a copy of Mario Bros Wii to a file sharing site a week before the game’s release. The site in question was shut down quickly but the game was downloaded “many thousands of times” before then.

2: More Posner Plagiarism

Next up today, Gerald Posner, a reporter for the Daily Beast, has been hit with two back-to-back allegations of plagiarism, accusations that have apparently cost Posner his job. Posner stands accused of having lifted passages from The Miami Herald as well as a Texas attorney among others.

3: Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Reprint Under Way, Bucking German Ban

Finally today, the copyright on Hitler’s autobiography “Mein Kampf” is due to fall out of copyright in 2015 and plans are already underway to reprint the controversial work. The state of Bavaria currently holds the copyright to the work and has banned all reprints, including for academic purposes, and publication is still banned in Germany, copyrighted or not. Bavaria has expressed concern that the book could be used for neo-nazi propaganda, a concern researchers are saying they hope to counter in advance.


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