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1: Labels Offer to Settle Thomas-Rasset Case for $25,000 Donation to Charity

First off today, almost immediately after the judge in the Jammie Thomas file sharing trial reduced the damages award from $1.92 million to $54,000, the record labels came back and offered a settlement of $25,000 to charity and a vacation of the remittitur order that reduced the judgement. Thomas’ attorneys responded quickly, rejecting the offer saying that they would not accept any offer that forced their client to pay any money. This has set the stage for the RIAA to likely undergo a third trial in the case, this one solely on the issue of damages.

2: Amazon and Others Slam Revised Google Books Deal

Next up today, the objections to the revised Google Book Search settlement are now flowing in including many of the strongest objectors to the first settlement such as Amazon. The settlement, which allows Google to scan, display and sell copies of in-copyright but out of print books was revised to address antitrust issues raised by the Department of Justice. Many companies, including Amazon, are concerned the settlement may give Google too much power over the digital book industry.

3: Microsoft Sues Prominent BitTorrent Tracker For $43m

Finally today, Microsoft is joining forced with Lithuanian anti-piracy outfit LANVA in filing a $43 million lawsuit against the largest bittorrent site in the country, LinkoManija, and its administrator, Kestas Ermanas.Kestas, however, said he was surprised by the action as Microsoft has never sent a takedown request to the site, something they had offered to do for them, and he stopped running the site in December of last year.


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