Video: Privacy Issues

preservation-today-logo.pngI was recently invited by a good friend at Northwestern State University here in Louisiana (my wife’s alma mater) to take part in a new netcast called Preservation Today.

Preservation Today describes itself as an attempt to “Inspire the advancement of heritage values in our society using the new form of communication called social media.” More directly, it is an experiment with trying to bring social media to the heritage and preservation community.

Part of that effort is to help educate the community’s members about issues related to social media including copyright and privacy, which is where I came in.

The video below is just of my portion of the netcast, which was very brief and mostly focused on basics of copyright and Web privacy. It probably is a bit fundamental for most of the readers of this site, but I still wanted to share it as it covers some topics not routinely discussed here.

If you wish to view the full video of the netcast, you can visit Preservation Today’s home page.

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