Plagiarism Conference Coverage

Plagiarism Conference LogoAs I mentioned last week, I will be spending almost the whole of this week in England attending the 3rd International Plagiarism Conference.

For those who are interested in what is going on and want updates to the conference, I will be semi-liveblogging it via Twitter. If you are interested, you can subscribe to my Twitter account and get regular updates on the conference as well as pictures and video as time and technology allow.

I do have to caution that on this trip I will not have my cell phone. Since the phone will not work at all in the UK due to the network I am on, I am simply not going to bring it. Thus, that may limit the number of tweets I am able to send out. I will, however, have my EeePC and, hopefully, reliable Internet access. It will be an interesting experiment if nothing else.

I will provide updates as regularly as I can and, no matter what, will provide a complete wrap-up on my return.

Hope to see some of you there!

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