Weekend Linkroll – 04-12-08

Weekend Linkroll - 04-12-08 ImageIt has been another crazy week for copyright news. We have a new candidate for the most insane DMCA notice, more setbacks for copyright holders seeking Internet filters and even a couple of potential plagiarism scandals.

Also on the radar is a series of net neutrality related news items with ISPs standing up to major copyright holders that try to disconnect their customers and the return of one of the most famous bittorrent trackers. .

Finally, in strange news, we have the discovery that even tossing a CD out into the trash could be a form of “unauthorized distribution”, making DJs across the world invest in a shredding device.

Remember, as usual, this week’s linkroll is a “raw” link list. Some stories are duplicated, some do not point to their original sources and some may not be accurate. A great deal of refining goes into producing the show notes for the Copyright 2.0 Show.

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