Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 35 – Digital IQ

It’s another Monday, unfortunately and that means that, in addition to my usual post at the Blog Herald, it is time for another episode of the Copyright 2.0 Show.

As usual, I sat down with Chris Matthieu from Numly to discuss the past week in copyright news, views and abuse.

All totaled, the show had seventeen stories, including the following:

  • Universal’s CEO Explains Their Lack of Digital Strategy
  • The RIAA Faces a Funding Slash
  • Bittorrent Trackers Under Fire in Iceland and Canada
  • Tiffany Battles Ebay Fakes
  • A Christmas Comedy Song Sparks Copyright Suit
  • And Many more…

You can download the MP3 file here (direct download). Those interested in subscribing to the show can do so via this feed.

Show Notes

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