Housekeeping: Site Improvements

Just a heads up to everyone that I took time out yesterday to make some improvements to PT that will, hopefully, cause it to load faster and work better.

First, I installed WP Super Cache to create static pages for most of the site. Those of you who are logged in or post comments to the site may not notice the full effect but the server seems to be moving a great deal faster than it was and I remain perpetually logged in.

Also, I removed the donation graphic on the right hand sidebar. It was greatly increasing the load time of the site and wasn’t generating any real money. I am still accepting donations through the donations page and may look at other techniques, but that method was not working well.

Please let me know if these improvements help the site move faster and if you have any problems.

Also, those who were following the haunted house I was working on last month will find a slideshow with some of the images from it below as well as a very short video walkthrough of it. Once I get my video capture card working I might try to post some of the footage taken during the haunt itself.

Thank you all for your support!

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