Numly Plugin Seeks New Maintainer

Numly Plugin Seeks New Maintainer ImageIf anyone out there is a PHP developer and is familiar with developing Wordpress plugins, the Numly Plugin would greatly appreciate your attention.

Originally created by Cal Evans and licensed under the GPL version 2.0. The plugin automatically submits posts created in Wordpress to be fingerprinted, have their ESN generated an then place the information in the post.

This site as well as Mike Kavis’ blog on itToobox both use the plugin with great success.

The plugin is in need of some updates and it appears that Evans has moved on to other projects. I attempted to email him about this but have not received a reply. Among the requested improvements are the following:

  • Creation of ESN after permalink has been created so that the permalink can be placed into the ESN information.
  • Fixes to the display of the Numly graphic so that tracking will work in Numly
  • More advanced options to give greater flexibility in how the plugin submits information.

If anyone is interested, feel free to contact Chris Matthieu and let him know. He can provide you with information about the Numly API (I couldn’t locate the documentation) and help you get started.

Any and all assistance here would be greatly appreciated.

My apologies to everyone for the limited posting this week. I am still very deep in my house (opening night is Saturday) and things will continue to be sparse here for a few more days. Thank you very much for your patience.

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