Interview on the Community Admin Show

Anyone who has been dying to hear me ramble on about copyright and content theft issues in podcast format, need wait no longer. I did a very lengthy interview with my good friend Patrick O’Keefe for his podcast, The Community Admin Show.

The interview is targeted mostly at community admins and forum administrators but also has useful information for anyone that accepts material from others, including blog comments.

This actually my third podcast interview, the other two however never made it to air due to technical problems. I had assumed I was just completely unrecordable but Patrick set out to prove me wrong.

Sadly, this will be the last episode of the show (at least on the Podcast network). Patrick is leaving the network following this show. He may pick up the podcast elsewhere, but not at the current address.

Still, anyone wanting to listen to me will probably enjoy it. If nothing else, it should put to rest any questions about why I stick to the written word.

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