Housekeeping: Reader Survey

First off, welcome to all of the new visitors from WeblogToolsCollection. I'm very glad that you are here and I hope you enjoy the site. It was a huge honor, but also an unexpected one, to be featured on that site and I'm looking forward to seeing what the readers from it have to say. 

On that note though, Plagiarism Today has grown explosively over the past month and a half. In the time since the Bostong Globe article first appeared, which is how much of the recent attention started, readership here has grown almost 300%.

I would like to take a pause today and get your feedback on the site. While I appreciate your emails and comments and definitely want to encourage them, I want to take a moment to hear what you have to say on issues not commonly covered by traditional feedback means.

I have created a brief survey that addresses many of those areas and I would be grateful to anyone who took the time to fill it out. It's only ten questions long and should only take two or three minutes but would help me out tremendously in finding ways to improve the site and make it more useful. 

So, if you have a few moments to spare, please follow the link below and spend a few moments letting me know what you think, it will be a huge help.

Thank you very much for your time.

Click Here to Take the Survey  

(Note: I apologize for using Zoomerang, it was the only option I had at my disposal that particular moment. I am looking into alternatives for future surveys.) 

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