Housekeeping: Subscribe via Email

If you’ve been wanting to subscribe to Plagiarism Today but haven’t wanted to mess around with RSS feeds, I’ve added a new option that lets you subscribe to the site via email to the sidebar of the site (below the regular subscription buttons).

The service, which is provided by Squeet, reads the RSS feed for you and then emails you updates at designated intervals. It can send out the posts "Live", meaning as changes happen, once daily, once weekly or when you manually request them.

I hope that this new service helps people who want to keep up with Plagiarism Today do so.

In a similar vein, I have added a button for Blogflux. It, like Squeet, is an email notification service but also has the ability to combine feeds from multiple sources into one digest.

Finally, I fixed a minor template bug that prevented the categories from showing up properly. They are now organized by familial relationship and are in the correct order, as they were with the old template.

If anyone spots any problems with the template or has suggestions for new features, please let me know

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